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Tiger Safaris | Rhino Asia

Introducing Rhino Africa’s new division, Rhino Asia

Rhino Africa’s passion for authentic safari experiences is anything but passive. It is a greedy, restless passion that has carried us to the remote corners of Southern and Eastern Africa in pursuit of rare wildlife encounters. After a decade of discovery, we can safely say that we know Africa better than just about anyone. Despite being spoiled by our own continent, our intrepid spirits wanted more.

More wild frontiers.
More untamed landscapes.
More pristine sanctuaries.

And so – to appease our wild hearts – we set out in search of the next great destination, only stopping when we reached a country capable of satisfying our cravings for adventure…


Gallery of India

Our adoration for incredible India gave birth to Rhino Africa’s new division, Rhino Asia. We dedicated a lot of time and energy into creating this video which we think perfectly captures our passion for India and its precious wildlife. In the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Judi Dench’s character Evelyn asks whether there is ‘anywhere else in the world that is such an assault on the senses?’ After a year of exploring India, we can answer that question definitively. No. Nothing compares to the ‘riot of noise and color‘ that welcomes you. India’s impact is immediate, transporting you to a world where charisma and culture reign supreme.

Our first impression of Ghandi’s beloved nation was in the bustling capital of Delhi. As appealing as we found the organised chaos of Old Delhi and the cosmopolitan chicness of New Delhi, our love for India took root in the jungles of Madhya Pradesh. Home to the one-horned rhinoceros, Asiatic lions, leopards, elephants and water buffalos, India, like Africa, is blessed with an abundance of wildlife. The country also plays host to unusual creatures such as Hoolock Gibbons, Red Pandas, Snow Leopards and Ganges River Dolphin. While we’re enamoured with all of India’s fauna, our most prized moments were those shared with Bengal tigers. Watch our video for a more in-depth look at Tiger Safaris in India.

Wildlife-rich territories will always be our favourite part of any journey but India’s cultural and historical richness is equally deserving of the limelight. Where architectural grandeur is concerned, few cities – if any – compete with the mystique of Agra, which holds three UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the Jewel of India: the Taj Mahal. Known as the Pink City for the terracotta hue of its inner city walls, Jaipur is another one of our favourite Indian cities. Said to be the Paris of India, Jaipur exudes an undeniable charm that is enhanced by a labyrinth of bazaars, palaces and forts.

True to the precedent set by Rhino Africa, Rhino Asia prides itself in creating tailor-made itineraries for our clients exacting needs. We are, as ever, obsessed with wildlife experiences which is why our tours focus on authentic safaris, combining these once-in-a-lifetime experiences with celebrated routes such as Rajasthan’s colourful cities and the Golden Triangle. Using our collective experience and knowledge we have compiled four exclusive tours which showcase the essence of India:


One of our long-standing clients and ambassadors, Glenn Weston was the first to travel with Rhino Asia to India. We will be featuring a full review of Glenn’s epic trip but, in the meantime, we wanted to share some of his feedback:

It was yet another trip of a lifetime organised by the team at Rhino Africa. From the time I arrived in India I was treated like royalty. The transfers were all seamless and the fact that I didn’t have to think for myself, if I didn’t want to, made for a very relaxing holiday. To sum up the trip in brief, I didn’t see one tiger, I saw twelve tigers. That is obviously not going to always happen so I feel truly blessed for fate intervening when I was there with those animals. Thank you Rhino Africa and thank you Shaun Stanley for organising an amazing itinerary.”

Watch our Golden Triangle video to get a glimpse of the kind of adventure Glenn Weston experienced – the kind of adventure that awaits you…

For more information on India, take a look at our new website. A special thank you to Yolanda Saayman for generously allowing us to use some of her beautiful images. To start planning your own trip of a lifetime, contact one of our expert travel planners who will tailor-make an itinerary according to your particular interests and budget.

Written by Lara Thomas

Our content writer Lara is big on adventure. Among her experiences are: snorkeling with dolphins, swimming with whale sharks, diving with ragged-tooths and bobbing alongside Southern Right Whales. She's seen a tiger in India and blue whales in Sri Lanka! Oh and she’s also a lawyer.
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