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While most talk of Zimbabwe centres on its economic and political woes, the fact remains that the country is still a safe and spectacular safari destination. We are as opposed to the tyrannical rule of Robert Mugabe as everyone else, and the plight of the country is heartbreaking, but that doesn’t mean we should consign this country to the scrapheap. Zimbabwe needs all the tourism it can get, and it will surprise you with its myriad of attractions. Visit the Zimbabwe section on our website.

Where there’s smoke there’s… Victoria Falls

Where there’s smoke there’s… Victoria Falls

“Even the greatest literary masters would certainly have fallen silent facing such majestic and everchanging scenery. A human being is totally incapable of describing Mother Nature where she performs with such a might as at the Victoria Falls – there, Man just has to adore her!” - Dr Emil Holub Last week we were in Botswana; this […]

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My Trip | It’s My Party And I’ll Fly If I Want To

A Victoria Falls Birthday

I don’t like grey hairs and ticking biological clocks as much as the next person, but all those things getting older brings aside, birthdays should never lose their delight. All that hullabaloo over one person, all that cake… Birthdays should be wondrous events that brighten the world, if only for one day. Like our client, Alicja Suchorska from Poland’s […]

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My Trip | Admiring Africa With New Eyes

My-Trip: With New Eyes

For the last two months Poodle and I have had somewhat of a crush on everything Lori does. It all started when we feasted our eyes on Lori’s photographs of Namibia. We oohh-ed and ahhh-ed at the rich earthy colours of her photographs, relishing the soft, warm light that seemed to follow her lens. It […]

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My Trip| Lori explores Zimbabwe and Botswana

My-Trip: The Adventures of Lori

If the English-speaking population were to choose a single quote to attest to the virtues of travel and it came down to a popularity contest, it would be a landslide. I wouldn’t have to look at the results to tell you the winner. Mark Twain was, unarguably, a clever man. A wise soul who is […]

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My Trip | Lori Captures The Victoria Falls

My Trip: Victoria Falls

After the high of Namibia through Lori’s lens, I hit somewhat of a slump. A Tom-Petty free fall. A will-I-ever-receive-photographs-like-Lori’s-ever-again depression. The possibility that Lori went on other African adventures was the only thing that rescued me from the darkness. Motivated by this flicker of hope, I scrounged through our archives. What I found was an adventure that […]

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My Trip | “Our 2nd Time in Africa” by The Guits

My Trip

Australians Marg and Dick Guit first travelled with us in August 2013. They loved South Africa so much they had to come back as soon as possible. With our travel consultant, Geraldine as their guide, their dream came true and they spent Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Africa. The couple enjoyed a 14 day holiday exploring the best lodges in […]

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Rhino Africa’s Top 10 Safari Lodges in Zimbabwe 2012

Elephants Zim (10)

Zimbabwe means “large houses of stone” in Karinga,the language spoken by the county’s native Shona people. The name refers to the vestige that now forms what is left of the legendary Great Zimbabwe. But there is more to this rugged landscape than its ancient ruins.

To bring you our Top Safari Lodges in Zimbabwe, we’ve gone off the beaten track and spread out across the plains to find the best that this beautiful vast and untamed country has to offer.

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Victoria Falls – Explore The Smoke That Thunders

Microlight over the mighty Victoria Falls

Scottish missionary and well-known explorer, David Livingstone stood on the small island in the middle of the falls – now known as ‘Livingstone Island’ in Zambia – and looked on at the roaring curtain of water bustling over the cliff. ‘Victoria Falls’, he named it, in honour of his Queen. We thought we’d take a closer look ourselves at ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’ – the indigenous name for the falls, literally meaning the ‘Smoke that Thunders’.

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Zambia and Zimbabwe in four days

Be brave and kayak doen the great Zambezi River

If I were to tell you that I recently visited an African border post and stayed there for four days, this might not invoke immediate feelings of jealousy. But if I told you that this border post had ‘smoke that thundered’ and left its visitors yearning for more after explorations in game parks and wild rivers, you may be more intrigued.

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Dive into Devil’s Pool

Devil's Pools attracts adrenaline junkies annually

An infinity pool with a difference I have to say… I’m not sure I would do it. I’m getting the creeps just writing about it. It’s called Devil’s Pool and for some madman reason, people love to hang half off the very edge of it or even dance and do back flips right by the […]

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Johannesburg, Victoria Falls, Chobe – Part II

Johannesburg, Victoria Falls, Chobe - Part II

Sam continues her fantastic holiday… After Imbabala our trio became a sextet and Karen, after leaving the lodge in her staff’s capable hands during a quiet few days, along with her friend Jane and Lucy joined us for our next adventure. Hwange was our next port of call, but we had a 2.5hour road transfer […]

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Johannesburg, Victoria Falls, Chobe – Part I

Born in Africa

What a trip! Good friends, great memories, innumerable laughs and unforgettable moments! Last month my colleague Billy and I got to enjoy an 11 night trip of our own. We were to experience 2 nights in Johannesburg, 7 nights in Zimbabwe and 2 nights on the Chobe River. Not expecting too much from our first […]

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