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Kwazulu Natal is one of South Africa’s most diverse regions with mountains, beaches, battlefields and bush. A major drawcard to this region is its subtropical climate and the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. For those looking to relax the KZN Coastline has pretty beaches and golf courses. The Drakensberg and Midlands area is home to the highest mountains in Southern Africa and there are Big Five Game Reserves such as Umfolozi Hluhluwe, Phinda and the St Lucia Wetlands so you can enjoy exclusive Kwazulu Natal Safaris. Visit the Natal section on our website.

South Africa’s Big 5 Mountain Bike Trails

The Mountain Biker

Mountain bikers, I’ve discovered since joining the tribe, are a whole other breed of people. A unique species of human whose values, customs and appearance differ drastically from those of, say, urban cyclists. They have some fairly weird jargon, for one; shouting things like, “Give it horns!” as their muscled flanks in skin-tight second-skins push them up […]

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The Phinda Adventures


Phinda – Above andBeyond Growing up in London, my family and I spent many a holiday venturing off to Africa. My friends repeatedly questioned my rather excitable enthusiasm as I packed my bags for yet another safari. Hadn’t I seen enough sleeping lions? They asked. What on earth is there to do in the middle […]

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Africa Underwater: Our Top 10 Wreck Dives in Africa

Wreck diving

There is something terribly exciting about losing yourself in the crumbling carcass of a shipwreck. Each wreck is tale of storms and scuttled hulls. The treasure found in these skeletons are not gems and gold, but equally special with colourful coral, nudibranchs and vibrant marine life. We’ve adventured along Africa’s coast to find the most […]

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Africa Underwater: Our Top 5 Reefs in South Africa


So you’ve heard the clichés, the talk of wide grassy plains, incredible sunsets, amazing wildlife, spectacular mountains and breathtaking vistas. You’ve been blown away by the Big 5, seen gorillas in the mist and bungee-jumped off the Victoria Falls. What more could Africa possibly have to offer, you wonder. We’ll tell you exactly what more Africa has to offer, though you may have to […]

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A Closer Look At Phinda Private Game Reserve

Phinda Private Game Reserve

Rhino Africa Tracking Africa’s Rhinos Our intrepid Rhino Africa leader, David Ryan, and member of the marketing team, Ryan Rapaport, recently visited &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa for one incredible experience! It was the trip of a lifetime as our team accompanied Wildlife ACT Fund on a conservation project to experience […]

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A German In Africa – A KwaZulu Natal Travelogue

The Drakensberg

Our German Copywriter, Patricia Valerio, is sadly leaving us at Rhino Africa and Rhino Afrika as she heads back home to Germany. But before jetting off, she decided to go on one last South African journey – a quick tour of the east coast of South Africa – to make the most of her last few days. Over to Patricia – This is her KwaZulu Natal Story.

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And the sardines are off…

The Sardine Run

The migration of animals is one of the most humbling of phenomena to encounter. David Attenborough has been showing us that for years and we at Rhino Africa have been taking people on various trips to marvel at such wonders up close for years too. The extraordinary annual Great Migration of wildebeest and other grazing […]

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Happy Birthday Mr President!


Today is a special day in sunny South Africa, our President, Jacob Zuma, turns 69 today! President Zuma was born in the beautiful province of Kwazulu Natal and spent his childhood exploring the valleys and hills that make up this spectacular part of our country! Called the Kingdom of the Zulu, KZN is home to […]

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Our Top 10 Beaches in South Africa


‘Hot town, summer in the city…’ Summer is returning to the Cape and the beach is all that’s on our minds. As we slip from the chilly clutches of winter into the ample bosom of the South African summer… and as you slip from your not-so Indian summer into the dark of a Northern Hemisphere […]

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The Horny Grazer stops in at Elements at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Durban

“I don’t suffer from insanity but enjoy every minute of it” Edgar Allan Poe It wasn’t a difficult decision to lunch at Elements on a perfect summer’s Saturday afternoon at the magnificent Beverly Hills Hotel. Durban is strangely lacking in decent beach front bars and restaurants although with the fantastic new promenade hopefully this will […]

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Talking to the Elephant Whisperer

Thula Thula Game Reserve

Françoise is the ebullient French owner and wife of the inspirational conservationist Lawrence Anthony. Thula Thula is one of our favourite places in South Africa and the epitome of substance over style. Françoise is the Catherine Deneuve of the African bush, bringing some Parisian panache (not to mention sublime cuisine) to the outskirts of Hluhluwe […]

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The Horney Grazer visits Harvey’s in Durban

Harveys Restaurant

“Depend on the rabbit’s foot if you will, but remember: it didn’t work for the rabbit”   ‘In the picture room or the mirror room Sir?’ ‘Well I really don’t mind, is one better than the other?’ ’ That depends whether you prefer mirrors or pictures…’ ‘ Quite. Well I certainly don’t want to spend […]

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