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Zanzibar Island – Unguja to the locals – is a dream destination. With a troubled history, it is a fascinating part of the world which now enjoys peace and relative prosperity. Visit the zanzibar section on our website.

Africa Underwater: Our Top 10 Wreck Dives in Africa

Wreck diving

There is something terribly exciting about losing yourself in the crumbling carcass of a shipwreck. Each wreck is tale of storms and scuttled hulls. The treasure found in these skeletons are not gems and gold, but equally special with colourful coral, nudibranchs and vibrant marine life. We’ve adventured along Africa’s coast to find the most […]

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Rhino Africa’s Top 10 Lodges and Hotels in the Indian Ocean Islands

Indian Ocean Islands

“I’ve looked into the eye of this island, and what I saw was beautiful.” — John Locke, ”Lost” The oceans scattered upon the Indian Ocean are truly like worlds unto themselves. So far removed from the reality of white-picketed suburbia and the concrete jungle, these paradisical havens offer respite and rejuvenation. From Madagascar’s leaping lemurs […]

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Wish You Were Here! – Postcards from the Indian Ocean Islands

Hammock in Mauritius

Look at all the pretty pictures! Sometimes writing about a destination just won’t do it justice. Sure if you’re a master of the pen and your descriptions rival those of the Bard himself, that’s perfect. Unfortunately our esteemed writer and resident master of the written word, Tamlin is currently out of the office. This leaves the task to me and I’m still struggling too, to, two learn the difference, if you get my drift. So instead I’ve put together a visual feast showcasing the Indian Ocean Islands. The Indian Ocean is the third largest body of water in the world and nestled in its warm waters are some of Rhino Africa’s most romantic destinations.

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Zanzibar: An Island In Pictures

This Indian Ocean island is abuzz with fishermen going in and out to sea, day and night

Speaking of Zanzibar, explorer David Livingstone once said, “The finest place I have known in all of Africa…an illusive place where nothing is as it seems. I am mesmerised.” (1866) I’ve ventured to this illusive place, also called Spice Island, a few times in my life and, I must say, Livingstone, I tend to agree […]

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Overachieving Africa


You’d be forgiven for thinking that this morning’s mob of groggy, puffy eyed Capetonians were the product of a citywide spike in libido, but I assure you that our sleepless night was due to the 18°C night-time low (cue a collective gasp from the Northern Hemisphere). With the 2010/2011 summer touted by many to be a […]

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Behind the lens – Billy Hare

Behind the Lense - Billy Hare

At Rhino Africa we have always been fortunate enough to have several consultants who are not only passionate about this continent and bringing visitors to our shores, but also who show a keen interest in Photography. In fact much of the imagery seen throughout our website comes from our consultants and their cameras. So we […]

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Zanzibar – October 2007


Photo: Dhows at Sunset in Stonetown Harbour Despite my constant travels across Southern Africa visiting the various Hotels and Lodges represented on the Rhino Africa website, it is seldom that I get to spend more than one night in one place.  So last week I headed for Zanzibar for week on the beach where I […]

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