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An utterly unique island, Madagascar is like nowhere else on earth! Circled by breathtaking beaches some 400km off the coast of Africa, it is famous for its lemurs, chameleons, elephant birds and enchanting mix of Afro-Polynesian culture. Visit the Madagascar section on our website.

The Most Endangered Mammal of Them All


Every family has one. The black sheep that the rest of the clan hasn’t quite figured out. Outliers exist in the animal kingdom too and among primates, there is no contest of who earns the title: lemurs.  These endearing creatures are known to digress from the established practices of their kind. A perfect example is […]

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Africa Underwater: Our Top 10 Wreck Dives in Africa

Wreck diving

There is something terribly exciting about losing yourself in the crumbling carcass of a shipwreck. Each wreck is tale of storms and scuttled hulls. The treasure found in these skeletons are not gems and gold, but equally special with colourful coral, nudibranchs and vibrant marine life. We’ve adventured along Africa’s coast to find the most […]

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Rhino Africa’s Top 10 Lodges and Hotels in the Indian Ocean Islands

Indian Ocean Islands

“I’ve looked into the eye of this island, and what I saw was beautiful.” — John Locke, ”Lost” The oceans scattered upon the Indian Ocean are truly like worlds unto themselves. So far removed from the reality of white-picketed suburbia and the concrete jungle, these paradisical havens offer respite and rejuvenation. From Madagascar’s leaping lemurs […]

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‘Lemurs in the Mist’ – We Head To Madagascar


Some of the Rhino Africa team recently visited the exotic island of Madagascar. Poor them… The team consisted of three of our travel consultants and our video man. None of them had been to Madagascar before. Now they can’t talk about anything else. Their Facebook pages are rife with snaps from Mad. Which is what […]

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Wish You Were Here! – Postcards from the Indian Ocean Islands

Hammock in Mauritius

Look at all the pretty pictures! Sometimes writing about a destination just won’t do it justice. Sure if you’re a master of the pen and your descriptions rival those of the Bard himself, that’s perfect. Unfortunately our esteemed writer and resident master of the written word, Tamlin is currently out of the office. This leaves the task to me and I’m still struggling too, to, two learn the difference, if you get my drift. So instead I’ve put together a visual feast showcasing the Indian Ocean Islands. The Indian Ocean is the third largest body of water in the world and nestled in its warm waters are some of Rhino Africa’s most romantic destinations.

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David’s Madagascar Diary – Nosy Iranja

Nosy Iranja - Madagascar - Turtle

Getting to Nosy Iranja is no mean feat, and will take you the better part of a day. That is if Air Madagascar is by some small miracle running on time, but this in itself is part of the charm of this island paradise. Nosy Be might be an island, but it is still a […]

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David’s Madagascar Diary – Andisabe & Mantiba

Andisabe and lemurs

Situated 135 km East of Antananarivo, a picturesque three and a half hour drive along a windy road aptly named the Tokyo Highway, lies the 21 000 hectare Andisabe and Mantiba Reserves. Rice paddies assume the majority of any vacant flat land along the Tokyo Highway which passes humble homesteads, where weekly markets bring the […]

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David’s Madagascar Diary – Antananarivo

Antananarivo - Madagascar

A short three hour flight from Johannesburg will have you arriving in Madagascar’s capitol city; Antananarivo.  Home to just over three million Malagasy’s this is no concrete jungle; but rather a maze of houses and businesses built on top of each other along cobbled roads, some of which are so steep as to seem almost […]

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A Brave New World – Magical Madagascar


David has just returned from a magical Easter holiday in Madagascar. What follows is his ultimate Madagascan itinerary… The Republic of Madagascar is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, situated 400km off the Eastern coast of Africa. Shrouded in mystery, filled with a spectacular array of amazing wildlife and ringed by stunning beaches, it […]

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Madagascar Update


  Madagascar has had its share of bad publicity following the presidential coup in January this year. However, the situation on the ground has calmed down significantly, and the country remains as safe and spectacular as ever. Furthermore, the tourist resorts of Nosy Be and other regions have been unaffected by political events, with island […]

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