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Read about the tales of our travels. We, at Rhino Africa, are privileged enough to experience some amazing parts of Africa. Follow us on our journeys here.

Your Next Great Adventure | Rhino Asia

Tiger Safaris | Rhino Asia

Introducing Rhino Africa’s new division, Rhino Asia Rhino Africa’s passion for authentic safari experiences is anything but passive. It is a greedy, restless passion that has carried us to the remote corners of Southern and Eastern Africa in pursuit of rare wildlife encounters. After a decade of discovery, we can safely say that we know Africa better than just about anyone. […]

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There’s nothing quite like Victoria Falls from a helicopter

_DSC0412 1

“There’s something about a Gin & Tonic, the call of the African Fish Eagle and a tangerine, sunset sky that just has to resonate somewhere in you.” Such are the words of one of our inspired explorers below. And as you’ll see, as the last of our new consultants bring you the final glories of […]

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Where there’s smoke there’s… Victoria Falls

Where there’s smoke there’s… Victoria Falls

“Even the greatest literary masters would certainly have fallen silent facing such majestic and everchanging scenery. A human being is totally incapable of describing Mother Nature where she performs with such a might as at the Victoria Falls – there, Man just has to adore her!” - Dr Emil Holub Last week we were in Botswana; this […]

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Where The Elephants Roam – A Chobe Safari

Adventures on the Chobe River

The Chobe River. My first encounter with her included the longest curtain of elephants I’d ever seen, elephants big and small crossing her width like proficient snorkellers seemingly unfettered by the crocodiles and hippos sticking their eyes out here and there. I thought my experience was unique. But such is the scene on the vast […]

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Tanzania | The Grass is Greener on the Other Side

The Great Migration | Serengeti National Park

Lazying in their tv rooms, watching the Academy Awards with their hands hovering over microwave popcorn, the majority of couch spectators couldn’t care less who earns the title of best make-up or costume design. We put up with the bulk of the broadcast because we’re waiting for the juicy bits, listening for those magic words: […]

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My Trip | The First Sip is the Deepest

My Trip: Thomases

I’ve never met Mark and Anne Thomas but I’m ninety nine percent sure we’d hit it off. They like travelling. I like travelling. They like wine. I like wine. Their surname is Thomas. My surname is Thomas. At this juncture you may be thinking that ours would be a surface level friendship. To counter that […]

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Lion’s Head | The Best Hike in Cape Town

Lion’s Head

The combination of hiking and talking does not come easily to me. In my experience the duo is never pretty or remotely graceful. Optimism, however, is something I have in truck loads, which is why when our copyrighter Tamlin “Poodle” Wightman suggested climbing Lion’s Head I was all in. It was not so much the […]

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Holiday To-Do List #2: AfriCanyon

AfriCanyon in Plettenberg Bay

The trick is to hide your fear. The water was cold enough to excuse my constant shaking and could also explain the occasional girlish squeal. I held onto my mother’s hand tightly with one hand and the rope with the other (blisters forming from gripping too hard in fright). Everyone knows it’s better to be […]

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Holiday To-Do List #1: Babylonstoren


Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road Healthy, free, the world before me  – Walt Whitman The few days of holiday over Christmas and New Year’s are meant to relax you, the hard-working employee. Rejuvenate, restore and the like. And most times, you, the hard-working employee, give in without trouble and do sweet […]

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Dude, Where’s My Baboon?


“A baboon in a forest is a matter of legitimate speculation; a baboon in a zoo is an object of public curiosity; but a baboon in your wife’s bed is a cause of the gravest concern.” - Winston Churchill There are certain certain things in Cape Town. Certain things you can be certain of. For instance, you […]

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The Great Migration | A Kenyan Adventure

A Kenyan Adventure

Our Finance and HR Director Jeanne Crous recently returned from a trip of a lifetime – witnessing the Great Migration, the greatest mammal migration on earth, in Kenya. “The Great Migration has always been on my bucket list,” Jeanne says. “Then a few weeks ago an email was going around the office – pictures of the wildebeest […]

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Riaan Manser Speaks at the One&Only Cape Town


Last month Rhino Africa took their seats at the One&Only Cape Town to hear the tales of intrepid adventurer, Riaan Manser – the first in a series of Guest Speakers to feature at the One&Only throughout the winter season. Riaan’s travels have earned him the title of “Out There Adventurer of the Year” in 2006 […]

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