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There’s a romance about the traditional African safari that goes back further than the film Out of Africa, to the era of old day explorers like Livingstone and their published journals of the deep dark African wild. Recreate this romance on your own safari.

The Best Safari Location in the World | Singita Sabi Sand


What would you consider the best safari destination in the world? According to this year’s Travel+Leisure World’s Best Hotels it’s Singita Sabi Sand. Singita Kruger National Park came in at No. 19. on this global list for the travel-minded, while Singita’s Sabi Sand reserve swooped in at the No 7. spot, taking the name as the World’s Best Safari Location. According […]

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My Trip | A Honeymoon under the African sun

An African Honeymoon

From the penguins wiggling across Boulders Beach to the traditional dancers shimmying in the firelight of the safari boma, our travellers, Marlene and Philip Cunningham perfectly captured what we call the SOP, in their video of their African honeymoon. SOP. Spirit of Place. In this case… the Spirit of Africa. No doubt it helps that Philip is a Digital Media Production […]

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My Trip | A Photographer on Safari

Randy Harris Photography

I’ve spent the last few days reading through old posts on our blog, a bit like returning to a favourite book or a journal from years gone by, to remember the things you got up to, the people you met… One person in particular stands out. One Randy Harris who travelled with us seven years ago […]

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The 6 Hour Battle at Londolozi – Buffalo Vs Lion

The 6 Hour Battle at Londolozi

Epics such as this six hour battle between buffalo and lion at Londolozi Private Game Reserve are not uncommon in Africa. Such sightings quickly remind you that a safari in a private game reserve like the Sabi Sand is real and raw. Get the word zoo far from your mind. This is life untamed. It must […]

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The Adventurer’s Ready-To-Go Gorilla Tracking Tour

A Gorilla Tracking Special

I will never forget my first encounter with a family of wild mountain gorillas. I was sitting at my laptop watching YouTube. The clip –  Touched by a Wild Mountain Gorilla – showed a family entering a camp near the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. A silver-haired tourist crouched beside a path while a silverback gorilla took up residence behind him. Little ones shimmied […]

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Jingle All the Way… to Africa | Festive Season in South Africa

Jingle All the Way… to Africa

Is there anything more perfect than Cape Town in the Summer? Over December, the sun comes out, beach umbrellas pop, wetsuits hang from balconies as their sun-kissed owners relax with G&Ts. There is a distinct holiday mood that runs through the city – night clubs stay open late, winers and diners pour out onto the […]

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Sam on Safari | Exeter & Londolozi in Photos

On Safari at Exeter River Lodge

Our budding photographer/travel consultant, Samantha was recently lucky enough to spend some time away from the office, substituting her desk and phone for the open plains and wildlife of the Sabi Sand. She started at Arathusa and continued on to andBeyond’s Exeter River Lodge and Londolozi Private Game Reserve. The latter lodges are featured in today’s photo blog where Samantha shares some of […]

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My Trip | “Our 2nd Time in Africa” by The Guits

My Trip

Australians Marg and Dick Guit first travelled with us in August 2013. They loved South Africa so much they had to come back as soon as possible. With our travel consultant, Geraldine as their guide, their dream came true and they spent Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Africa. The couple enjoyed a 14 day holiday exploring the best lodges in […]

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My Trip | “My first leopard sighting in a tree” by Glenn Weston


We often post blogs about our clients’ tales of their travels with us. This year you can look forward to many more great stories, reviews and photos from our travellers in our series, My Trip. The best way to find out about holidaying in Africa – and doing so through Rhino Africa – is from the […]

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Samantha’s Sabi Sand | A Photo Blog

Photo Blog

Our senior travel consultant, Samantha Myburgh recently returned from an “educational trip”, seeking out new and exciting lodges in Southern Africa. Together with a few of our other travel experts, Sam spent 9 nights at 4 lodges, including Exeter River Lodge, Arathusa, Londolozi Varty Camp and Royal Chundu in Zambia.  And since Sam rarely travels without her Canon 1000D, she captured some […]

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A Graceful Descent | Getaway Photographer of the Year Finalist

A Graceful Descent

We’re proud to announce that our talented in-house photographer, Ryan Rapaport’s photograph of a leopard descending a tree in the Sabi Sand is a finalist in the Getaway Gallery Photography Competition 2013! Sponsored by Canon, the Getaway Gallery Photography Competition 2013 has been running since 1989 and features work from some of the world’s best travel photographers. […]

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A Photo Safari with Shaun Stanley

Lion Cub

We’re about to launch our new Spanish and Portuguese divisions. Bienvenidos! In preparation, we’ve recruited some exotic new consultants, who, together with Shaun Stanley, one of our senior travel consultants, headed out for a few days in the bush… Our consultants will pretend otherwise, out of humility, but it’s obvious they have one of the best […]

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