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Africa is a continent of classic romance. From the white sands and still waters of the Indian Ocean Islands, to the fine hotels and vineyards of the Western Cape.

Our Safari Honeymoon – by Brad & Debbie Baumgarten

Photo: Royal Chundu

It’s always great to hear back from our clients after they’ve returned home from their magical African adventures. Read what Brad & Debbie Baumgarten from America had to say about their latest safari, which included Cape Town, Vic Falls, Botswana, the Sabi Sand and Mozambique, organised by our super consultant Bianca Johnstone. Dear Bianca, Now […]

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Getting Hitched? Weddings in South Africa

Get hitched on Yzerfontein Beach

Over the years, we at Rhino Africa have planned several romantic and exotic honeymoons in Africa for couples from around the world. But we don’t just do honeymoons. No siree. We have expert wedding planners too! Take a look at the South African weddings section of our website for more information and inspiration. There is […]

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Our Favourite Romantic Spots In Africa

Get romantic in Africa

February is the month of love and at Rhino Africa we’re ahead of the curve when it comes to romance. Probably because we’re surrounded by so much beauty here in Africa. There are so many magnificent destinations that will ignite that starry-eyed look in you and your partner. Best be careful who you take to […]

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The Royal Wedding!

royal wedding cover

As with all things regal, us plebs can’t help but be captivated by the fairytale aspect of it all… Boy meets girl, boy is future king, they fall in love, he proposes to her in Africa and they marry in a wedding that the princess of myth and legend would be jealous of! We know […]

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Ah… L’amour! Valentine’s Day Ideas.

Wild Life Romance

It is my experience that no matter what your persuasion, everyone sees red on Valentines Day… The health groups protest the chocolate, the cynical proclaim the whole day a farce and the lonely… well, let’s just say I have already bought myself roses. Nevertheless, the eternal optimist in me is secretly very into this most […]

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Malaria Free Magic of Madikwe

Madikwe Hills

  Woo! Time to get out of the office and spend some time at Madikwe Game Reserve. It’s a short hour air hop from Johannesburg on Federal Air and before I knew it, I was picked up at the dusty airstrip by a couple of jovial rangers and whisked to Madikwe Hills Lodge. The Lodge […]

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A Meander in the Midlands

Midlands Meander

  “I have enough money to last me the rest of my life. Unless I buy something.” Jackie Mason That was precisely how we were feeling among the financial doom and gloom. So, sick and tired of talk about the recession, we took off from Durban for a ‘gentlemen’s retreat’ in the nearby Midlands. I’d […]

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Calling All Newlyweds

honeymoon bliss

  The final words of your vows have been spoken, a kiss shared, the garland thrown and the cake eaten, now time for the Honeymoon of a lifetime. We know how important your special day is, more importantly we know how special your Honeymoon needs to be. That’s why we have created a Honeymoon section […]

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Seychelles on the Sea Shore


At Rhino Africa, we are always on the lookout for new destinations and products to provide you with the ultimate African holiday. As such we have broadened our website to include the Indian Ocean Islands and first up is the Seychelles, a stunning collection of 115 islands scattered in the deep blue sea off the […]

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A combination of Kichaka and Idwala

Kichaka and Idwala

  Good things come in twos. Adam and Eve. Rhinos and Africa. Whisky and Ice. And Kichaka and Idwala. These two luxury lodges are situated in the malaria-free wilderness of the Eastern Cape and while they are separate products, both offer a secluded and off-the-beaten-track Safari. In order to sample the best of both, 6 […]

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Kruger in the morning, Vic Falls in the afternoon!

Kruger and Vic Falls

  Imagine a Kruger National Park game drive in the early morning, the air still crisp the grass still dew laden, your khaki clad ranger motions for silence as he negotiates the open topped four wheel drive vehicle through a tight gap between acacia tree and granite boulder. Beyond the rock, there is movement in […]

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A Pachyderm Safari

Pachyderm safari

  Forget four wheel drive vehicles, diff lock and off-road tyres, what you really need to travel through the African bush is two pairs of hard as nails feet, a massive great grey bulk, toughened hide, bush clearing tusks and a dexterous trunk. The current model elephant hasn’t changed much in a few thousand years, […]

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