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My Trip | You always remember your first time


Do you remember your first time? That feeling? Our clients, Tricia Soogrim and Andre Persad are in the midst of it, having just returned from their first safari. The safari crush comes with an intuition that this will not be your last safari, will not be your last time in Africa. On the flight home you’re probably already planning how to fit […]

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Africa’s Leading Safari Company | World Travel Awards 2014

Africa's Leading Safari Company

We’re get-on-the-table-and-shout-it-out proud! Do-a-little-dance-get-down-tonight ecstatic! Why? So glad you asked. For the consecutive year, Rhino Africa has been named Africa’s Leading Safari Company in the World Travel Awards. There are two ways we could celebrate the milestone. First off, we could elaborate on just how honoured we feel to have claimed an accolade in what is the most prestigious […]

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My Trip | Not one tiger, twelve.

Tiger | India

Something was afoot when our long-standing client and ambassador, Glenn Weston became the first to travel with Rhino Asia to India. You’re familiar with Murphy’s Law. But you’ve probably never heard of Yhprum’s Law. On close inspection, you will discover that Yhprum is Murphy spelt backwards and its meaning reflects this polarity. Simply put, Yhprum’s Law […]

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My Trip | Africa’s Wild 3

Africa's Wild 3

“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.” These are the words of that fabulous bespectacled storyteller, Theodor Seuss Geisel, aka Dr Suess. The Father of Fantasy, you could say. We consider ourselves Fantasy Creators too. Fantasy Facilitators. A little kinky, yes, but what is more […]

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My Trip | Why Should You Go To Namibia?

Exploring Namibia

The African Outback “In Australia there was once a TV advert that encouraged people to visit the Northern Territories, stating that you will never never know, if you never never go. This applies to Namibia. The country has so much to offer,” says our client Hugh Corr. We’re headed to Namibia ourselves in a week, for our annual […]

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My Trip | A Honeymoon under the African sun

An African Honeymoon

From the penguins wiggling across Boulders Beach to the traditional dancers shimmying in the firelight of the safari boma, our travellers, Marlene and Philip Cunningham perfectly captured what we call the SOP, in their video of their African honeymoon. SOP. Spirit of Place. In this case… the Spirit of Africa. No doubt it helps that Philip is a Digital Media Production […]

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My Trip | A Photographer on Safari

Randy Harris Photography

I’ve spent the last few days reading through old posts on our blog, a bit like returning to a favourite book or a journal from years gone by, to remember the things you got up to, the people you met… One person in particular stands out. One Randy Harris who travelled with us seven years ago […]

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My Trip | Honeymooning in Ponta Mamoli, Mozambique

White Pearl Resorts | Mozambique

Where honeymoons are concerned it’s not about the location, it’s about the couple. Harrison Ford’s character in Six Days, Seven Nights agreed. He was referring to romance when he declared, “It’s an island, babe. If you didn’t bring it here, you won’t find it here.” All I need to rebut this argument is three words: […]

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My Trip | No place like the African bush…

Londolozi through the binoculars

Our CEO, David, has travelling down to a T. He manages to effortlessly flitter from one locale to another, across ocean or savanna, with unflappable calm. He’s ready to hop on the next flight as long as his iPhone, noise-cancelling earphones and baby, Matthew, are in tow (not necessarily in that order of importance). Luckily, these […]

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My Trip | A Walking Safari Is Not For The Fainthearted

Snap-happy on Safari

With the help of consultant, Landy Kent-Millar, our clients Eric and Conny Claassen headed out on safari to Rhino Post and Plains Camp in a private concession in the wilderness of Kruger. Game viewing in such concessions is nothing but spectacular, with lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo roaming freely.  To get as close as possible to the creatures big and small, […]

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My Trip | The Secret Life of Tanzania

The Secret Life of Tanzania

Ever wondered what a trip to the Serengeti would be like? Maybe you watched Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman head out on a lion safari in Tanzania in “The Bucket List” and were struck by that pang to go in search of your own adventure. Films do that. It’s uncontrollable, the niggling urge to take off immediately, […]

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My Trip | It’s My Party And I’ll Fly If I Want To

A Victoria Falls Birthday

I don’t like grey hairs and ticking biological clocks as much as the next person, but all those things getting older brings aside, birthdays should never lose their delight. All that hullabaloo over one person, all that cake… Birthdays should be wondrous events that brighten the world, if only for one day. Like our client, Alicja Suchorska from Poland’s […]

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