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Challenge4aCause is a community-based conservation project. We aim to support the conservation of Africa’s endangered animal and plant species and finance projects that uplift poor communities.

Challenge4ACause: Pedal pushing through Damaraland


The journey that defines Challenge4ACause is reserved for the passionate; for those possessing fortitude. Negotiating 330 kilometers on a bicycle in the unforgiving landscape of the Damaraland is not for the faint-hearted. The driving force behind this pedal-pushing – behind the sheer grit – is not simply a gauge of endurance. Nor is it centered around […]

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Challenge4ACause 2013 – In Photos


The Reunion Ride Our team of 18 intrepid riders have just returned from this year’s Challenge4ACause. They came back beaming – not just because they’d made it unscathed but because the Namibian desert really is a place of beauty. Thanks to their sweat, tears and achy muscles, we’ve managed to raise money for Save The Rhino Trust […]

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Challenge4ACause 2013 Reunion Ride!


Challenge4ACause is Rhino Africa’s annual cycling event through Namibia. From its inception in 2009, Challenge4ACause is our way of giving back to the continent, by using the race to raise money to support the conservation of Africa’s endangered wildlife and finance projects that uplift disadvantaged communities.  2013 Reunion Ride This year is something special as […]

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Cycling To Save Our Rhinos

Well Done Challenge4aCause Cyclists

Challenge4aCause 2012 is complete! Ten elite riders spent seven days conquering the elements in Damaraland, Namibia. They cycled 340kms through sand, up dunes and often into 50km/h headwinds. They did this to raise money for Save the Rhino Trust, Wildlife ACT Fund and Good Work Foundation. They experienced, first-hand, the harsh environment of the desert-adapted […]

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Challenge4ACause 2012 – The Skeleton Coast Epic

Are you ready to rumble?

Pedal Power In 2011, 12 cyclists embarked on an epic journey across Namibia’s Damaraland desert to raise money to help save the desert-adapted black rhino. This year they’re setting off on the 4th Challenge4aCause. This time round there are 10 riders and their tyres will skirt the Skeleton Coast in what promises to be the […]

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Cycle Mashatu – The Botswana Challenge


Cycling for Rhinos Last week, 18 adventurous cyclists travelled up to Botswana to partake in the Cycle Mashatu challenge. For four days, these passionate individuals rode 150 kilometres, six to seven hours a day, through the Mashatu Game Reserve. Ancient elephant paths provided the single track that wound through the assortment of savanna, forest, rocky […]

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Challenge4aCause 2011 – Cycle Mashatu


Due to the success of Challenge4aCause in recent years, a second event was added to the 2011 calender – Cycle Mashatu 2011. As with C4AC Damaraland 2011, the cycle will raise money for Wildlife ACT, Good Work Foundation and Save the Rhino Trust. Today 18 intrepid cyclists set off for Mashatu.

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Challenge4aCause Damaraland 2011: The Video


Twelve humble riders conquered the mighty Namibian Desert… This is their story. The challenge is now complete. The riders endured a grueling 300 kilometres through the harsh desert conditions of Namibia’s Damaraland, to raise money and awareness to help save the desert-adapted black rhino and to donate to the Good Work Foundation and Wildlife ACT. […]

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2011 Challenge4aCause Damaraland Challenge – A Teaser

Look at that backdrop - 2011 Damaraland Challenge4aCause Cycle

Cycling the desert to save the rhino: The 2011 Challenge4aCause Damaraland Challenge has come to a successful close. All the cyclists completed the grueling 300km ride through the harsh desert conditions and in so doing have raised funds to help save the endangered desert adapted black rhino! We’ll be updating our blog with full video, […]

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Challenge4aCause: the cyclists are off

Riders cycling through the Damaraland

Bags and bikes are packed. Weather’s looking great. Riders have carbo-loaded and trained the heck out of their calves and hamstrings. And today, they’re off! It’s time for our great Challenge4aCause cycle event to hit the sandy roads and dunes of Damaraland, Namibia, which apparently this time of year is strangely greener than usual, with […]

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And the IGLTA Pioneer Award goes to…. DAVID RYAN!


We’ve come a long way since the early days on David’s dining room table. But we’ve always remembered our roots. We love giving back and every time you book with us you help us to keep our good work going. But none of this would be possible without our fearless and intrepid leader – David […]

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Earth Hour… Be left in the dark.

Earth From Space - Earth Hour 2011

All this green business really started with what is one of the most widely distributed pictures in history. This famous snapshot (not much different from the one above) was taken on December 7, 1972, by the crew of the Apollo 17 spacecraft and became etched in the general consciousness of the human race. Green became […]

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