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Read about the wild animals of Africa, watch them in action and even hear their roars and squeaks here, including all creatures from the Little to the Big Five.

The Mindful Approach to Saving Rhinos | World Rhino Day 2014

World Rhino Day 2014

There is a movement quickly gaining momentum at present. While rooted in the East, in Buddhist philosophy, it is rearing its head (or mind) more and more in the West – in our yoga studios, offices, high schools, prisons… Its name is Mindfulness. The creation of a mindful society can only be a good thing – imagine a world […]

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The 6 Hour Battle at Londolozi – Buffalo Vs Lion

The 6 Hour Battle at Londolozi

Epics such as this six hour battle between buffalo and lion at Londolozi Private Game Reserve are not uncommon in Africa. Such sightings quickly remind you that a safari in a private game reserve like the Sabi Sand is real and raw. Get the word zoo far from your mind. This is life untamed. It must […]

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The Most Endangered Mammal of Them All


Every family has one. The black sheep that the rest of the clan hasn’t quite figured out. Outliers exist in the animal kingdom too and among primates, there is no contest of who earns the title: lemurs.  These endearing creatures are known to digress from the established practices of their kind. A perfect example is […]

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My Trip| Lori explores Zimbabwe and Botswana

My-Trip: The Adventures of Lori

If the English-speaking population were to choose a single quote to attest to the virtues of travel and it came down to a popularity contest, it would be a landslide. I wouldn’t have to look at the results to tell you the winner. Mark Twain was, unarguably, a clever man. A wise soul who is […]

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Where Great Whites Roam

Great white shark

The best places in the world are wild. There’s a kind of magic that only exists in unpredictability. It’s easy to forget that the sea is one of those places because she often pretends to be tame: impersonating a giant swimming pool, lapping the shore like a coy lake, all seahorses and starfish. Sooner or […]

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Accountants Gone Wild

An Accounts Team Adventure

Our Accounts Department left their calculators and ledgers behind and embarked on a safari break in the Sabi Sand, along with our COO John Holley. Needless to say, our team of number-crunchers don’t get out of the office much so that was already a highlight. But there were many more highlights to come… The team […]

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Playing For Rhinos | The WWF Rhino Raid App

WWF Rhino Raid

Well here’s something different… And it’s about time too. Mobile gaming is all the rage worldwide – and it’s a great way to reach millions about a message that really matters. Enter: Rhino Raid. What’s this all about? Brought to you by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) South Africa, WWF Rhino Raid is an exciting sidescrolling runner that […]

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A Tribute To Preston The Parrot


“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” - Anatole France It is with great sadness that we say farewell today to our dear office pet and friend, David’s beloved African Grey, Preston, who passed away over the weekend. You might remember the feathered fella from our Meet The Team video. […]

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Through the Lens with Etienne Oosthuizen

We stumbled upon the beautiful photography of professional guide, Etienne Oosthuizen, and were just blown away… It’s more than just a right time, right place sort of luck… His talent and passion is undoubtable and each photo exudes an almost magical quality that you can’t turn away from. You have to sit there, taking it […]

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World Elephant Day with Photographer Marina Cano

Photo by Marina Cano

Today is World Elephant Day! In honour of these incredible creatures, today’s blog takes a look at elephants through the talented, well-travelled eyes, or rather lens, of photographer, Marina Cano. Nothing beats witnessing these majestic animals in the wild, especially in the herds Marina came across in the plains of Kenya. Until that day comes for you, […]

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Celebrating World Turtle Day 2013

Sea turtles are not the biggest sea animals you’ll find at the beach but they do have a very important role to play in our ecosystem. These marine animals help to keep the sea grass beds healthy ensuring the survival of other sea animals, such as the prawns, lobster and tuna that we eat. Sadly, […]

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The Born Free Foundation: Pride of Cape Town


“Everyone who cares has a voice. The Peoples lion is your lion… if a world without wild lions is unimaginable to you, then please help us save them before it is too late.” Virginia McKenna OBE, BFF Founder and Actress Lion Conservation in Action On the 3rd of May Rhino Africa attended the star studded […]

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