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Go in search of our closest relatives on a chimp or gorilla tracking safari. Uncover the truth behind Rwanda’s tumultuous history and enjoy time off the beaten track in ‘The land of a thousand hills’. Visit the Rwanda section on our website.

Gorillas in the Mist: PART 2

Gorillas in Rwanda playing with their food

[Read Part 1] How manic the last two weeks have been! Rwanda was everything I had hoped for and more. A country that has beaten all odds to emerge from un-imaginable darkness – a truly inspirational place. One can only feel joy, as this is a success story in conservation, against the odds of poaching, […]

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Gorillas in the mist

The majestic silverback gorillas in Rwanda

Having walked up Lions Head (next to Table Mountain) once in preparation for my epic journey to Rwanda next week, I trust you’ll understand my apprehension as I plan on tackling one of the nine volcanoes in The Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda in search of Dian Fossey’s Mountain Gorillas – did I mention three […]

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