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Our content writer Lara is big on adventure. Among her experiences are: snorkeling with dolphins, swimming with whale sharks, diving with ragged-tooths and bobbing alongside Southern Right Whales. She's seen a tiger in India and blue whales in Sri Lanka! Oh and she’s also a lawyer.

Ebola in Perspective | Travel in Africa


At Rhino Africa we hold our clients’ safety as paramount. Safeguarding the trust our clients place in us is our highest priority. As Africa’s Leading Safari Company, we would never compromise the health or well-being of those who travel with us. We are committed to providing the most up-to-date and accurate information and will be updating […]

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Africa’s Leading Safari Company | World Travel Awards 2014

Africa's Leading Safari Company

We’re get-on-the-table-and-shout-it-out proud! Do-a-little-dance-get-down-tonight ecstatic! Why? So glad you asked. For the consecutive year, Rhino Africa has been named Africa’s Leading Safari Company in the World Travel Awards. There are two ways we could celebrate the milestone. First off, we could elaborate on just how honoured we feel to have claimed an accolade in what is the most prestigious […]

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My Trip | Not one tiger, twelve.

Tiger | India

Something was afoot when our long-standing client and ambassador, Glenn Weston became the first to travel with Rhino Asia to India. You’re familiar with Murphy’s Law. But you’ve probably never heard of Yhprum’s Law. On close inspection, you will discover that Yhprum is Murphy spelt backwards and its meaning reflects this polarity. Simply put, Yhprum’s Law […]

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Your Next Great Adventure | Rhino Asia

Tiger Safaris | Rhino Asia

Introducing Rhino Africa’s new division, Rhino Asia Rhino Africa’s passion for authentic safari experiences is anything but passive. It is a greedy, restless passion that has carried us to the remote corners of Southern and Eastern Africa in pursuit of rare wildlife encounters. After a decade of discovery, we can safely say that we know Africa better than just about anyone. […]

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My Trip | Honeymooning in Ponta Mamoli, Mozambique

White Pearl Resorts | Mozambique

Where honeymoons are concerned it’s not about the location, it’s about the couple. Harrison Ford’s character in Six Days, Seven Nights agreed. He was referring to romance when he declared, “It’s an island, babe. If you didn’t bring it here, you won’t find it here.” All I need to rebut this argument is three words: […]

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Londolozi | Winter’s Secret Weapon

Londolozi | July's Secret Weapon

“What’s the best time of year to visit the Kruger National Park?” As a year round destination, its tempting to answer, “Anytime of the year is magic!” And it’s true but if you push for an answer from anybody who knows the lay of the land their likely favourite will be, “July.” The Kruger is famous for its gargantuan […]

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Challenge4ACause: Pedal pushing through Damaraland


The journey that defines Challenge4ACause is reserved for the passionate; for those possessing fortitude. Negotiating 330 kilometers on a bicycle in the unforgiving landscape of the Damaraland is not for the faint-hearted. The driving force behind this pedal-pushing – behind the sheer grit – is not simply a gauge of endurance. Nor is it centered around […]

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True confidence: Le Quartier Français

Le Quartier Francais

Sophistication tends to adopt a neutral palate. Creams, whites and a whole library of beige have become synonymous with luxury. Some would criticise the trend as dull. It takes confidence to buck the norm and quirkiness to believe that elegance can coexist with the more exuberant colours of the spectrum. Le Quartier Français has just the […]

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The White Pearl of Mozambique

Ponta Mamoli White Pearl | Mozambique

If you’re going to listen to Robert Frost and take the ‘road less travelled,’ then forget Thailand, forsake Greece, laugh off Hawaii and while you’re scratching off destinations that have been done, redone and then over-done, bypass Spain and Bali. As the great man said, it’ll make “all the difference.” We know what you’re wondering: […]

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Building Bridges | The Good Work Foundation


“To know and not yet to do is not yet to know.” The Founder and CEO of the Good Work Foundation, Kate Groch knows that “it shouldn’t matter where you’re born.” She said it in June 2013 when she delivered her Tedtalk but she was living the ideal long before then. As she puts it, “I’m […]

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Tanzania | The Grass is Greener on the Other Side

The Great Migration | Serengeti National Park

Lazying in their tv rooms, watching the Academy Awards with their hands hovering over microwave popcorn, the majority of couch spectators couldn’t care less who earns the title of best make-up or costume design. We put up with the bulk of the broadcast because we’re waiting for the juicy bits, listening for those magic words: […]

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Londolozi’s Charm | A Rockstar, a Sanctuary and a Boma

Granite Pool | Londolozi

In 2009 at the age of 73, to the delight and surprise of her fans, Tina Turner announced that she would embark on one last tour. The excitement I felt was almost immediately deflated by a second press release – South Africa was not a destination on her ‘world’ tour (the inverted commas give a […]

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