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Africa's Leading Safari Company

We’re get-on-the-table-and-shout-it-out proud! Do-a-little-dance-get-down-tonight ecstatic! Why? So glad you asked. For the consecutive year, Rhino Africa has been named Africa’s Leading Safari Company in the World Travel Awards. There are two ways we could celebrate the milestone. First off, we could elaborate on just how honoured we feel to have claimed an accolade in what is the most prestigious and comprehensive award ceremony in the travel industry. To drive the message home, we’d probably quote the president of the World Travel Awards, Graham Cook who affirmed the award when he said “each of our winners is a deserving champion.” And, of course, we wouldn’t be able to resist mentioning that we were named runner-up in the categories of Africa’s Leading Luxury Tour Operator and South Africa’s Leading Luxury Tour Operator. And who could blame us for emphasising that this is the consecutive year that we’ve won the coveted title of Africa’s Leading Safari Company?

Africa's Leading Safari Company
(Photograph taken at Mara Toto of the Great Plains’ portfolio in Kenya)

To cement our victory, we’d, no doubt, draw attention to our decade of showcasing rare wildlife experiences in Southern Africa and we might slip in a line about our goal of winning an award in 2015 for our new division, Rhino Asia. But – save for what we’ve already mentioned – we’ve chosen to go down a different route because triumph – like all the best things in life – is best shared, which is why we’ve chosen to the second option: reflecting the limelight. We were, after all, voted Africa’s Leading Safari Company and it goes without saying that Rhino Africa’s past travellers stole precious minutes from their busy schedules to throw their weight behind us. As a show of appreciation, we’re exhibiting some of our favourite photographs taken by our clients. In recent months, we’ve been running a blog series called My Trip which features our clients’ epic trips throughout Southern Africa. It may be the winner’s euphoria talking, but we can’t think of a better time to reshare some of the series’ highlights. We hope that by glancing over these special moments you will begin to understand why we managed to nudge out competitors to claim the award of Africa’s Leading Safari Company. Before we hand over to our talented clients aka photographers, we’d like to extend a thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for us. It is greatly appreciated.

1. Client: Randy Harris | Destination: Camp Moremi, Okavango Delta | Blog: My Trip | A Photographer on Safari

 Randy Harris Photography
Randy | Lion

(Credit must also be given to Randy Harris for this blog’s cover image of the exquisite lion).

2. Clients: Ray and Nola Haigh | Destination: Tanzania | Blog: My Trip | The Secret Life of Tanzania


3. Clients:Eric and Conny Claassen | Destination: Kruger National Park | Blog: My Trip | A Walking Safari Is Not For The Fainthearted

By Prof Eric Claassen

4. Clients:  Lori Ann and Chuck Graham | Destination: Namibia | Blog: My Trip | Namibia through Lori’s lens

Hot Air Ballooning in Sossusvlei
Dunes of Sossusvlei

5. Clients: Craig and Donna Ferguson | Destination: Londolozi, Sabi Sand Game Reserve and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda | Blog: My Trip | Africa’s Wild 3

Africa's Wild 3
Africa's Wild 3

6. Client: Glenn Weston | Destination: Sabi Sand Game Reserve | Blog: My Trip | “My first leopard sighting in a tree”

Glenn's first leopard in a tree

7. Client: Marlene and Philip Cunningham | Destination: Savanna Private Game Reserve, Sabi Sand Game Reserve | Blog: My Trip | A Honeymoon under the African sun

An African Honeymoon
On safari at Savanna Private Game Reserve

8. Client: Lori and Chuck Graham | Destination: Zimbabwe | Blog: My Trip| Lori explores Zimbabwe and Botswana

Baby Elephant near Zambezi River

9. Clients: Donna and Mal MacKinnon | Destination: Namibia | Blog: My Trip | The MacKinnons in Namibia

Abandoned houses
Shadow Vehicle

10. Clients: Belinda and Oscar Lyons | Destination: The Etosha Pan, Namibia | Blog: Watch this space!

Lyons | Zebra

We hope you’re as inspired by our clients’ photographs as we are. Rhino Africa specialises in creating one-of-a-kind itineraries that cater to individual needs, interests and budgets. If you’re tired of admiring other travellers’ adventures and want to go on one of your own, then contact one of our travel experts. Together you can begin planning your tailor-made trip to Africa.

Written by Lara Thomas

Our content writer Lara is big on adventure. Among her experiences are: snorkeling with dolphins, swimming with whale sharks, diving with ragged-tooths and bobbing alongside Southern Right Whales. She's seen a tiger in India and blue whales in Sri Lanka! Oh and she’s also a lawyer.
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